Date: 9/30/18 7:52 am
From: <birderick...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Started slow but ended with a BANG!
I did two loops around the yard this morning, taking in the front meadow too. Started very slowly just before 8 am, but throughout the course of the morning, I think every Blue Jay in the county passed over my yard! And high numbers of Flickers and Red-bellied Woodpeckers too. My first trip around I got a HO Red-breasted Nuthatch (another or the same bird heard again later from my neighbors Pine Tree stand), and a few good looks at a lingering Yellow-billed Cuckoo as it fed. A Swainson's Thrush popped up to investigate me, then dropped back down and disappeared. As I finished up my first loop through the front meadow (nothing at all there) and came towards the feeders and fountain area, I spied a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the dogwood tree eating its red fruits. Then at the feeder area there were two brownie Purple Finches mixed in with the House Finches.

After a short break, I went around again and it was very quiet to start out. A flock of about 20 Cedar Waxwings flew by, and some other common local birds, but then when I got to the very far back corner bordering my neighbors, there was some activity in his yard. Small flocks of warblers were moving in and out of the edge of his woods, but all I could make out were "baypolls", and a single Black-throated Green Warbler. Moving on towards the front meadow again, where some of these birds had moved to, I was able to locate a Northern Parula among the many "baypolls" and in flew a PHILADELPHIA VIREO, perched in good sunlight just long enough to see and ID it, then the whole flock disappeared, and the meadow was quiet once again. This was about 10:15 or so, and I ended the morning there. Yard bird No. 112 and one I did not get last year. 3 away from my target number. 30 species for the morning. No hummingbirds seen today.

Rick Sussman
Carroll County

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