Date: 9/29/18 9:57 pm
From: paultsullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] Blue-footed Booby
Today Colby Neuman and I led 2 field trips to Cape Meares as part of the OBA annual meeting.  Between the cape and Three Arch Rocks we found a milling mass of 7-10,000 Sooty Searwaters, plus N Pelicans, gulls, etc.  In the mass Colby picked up a Booby.  We tried to follow it as it moved away from us to the south.  It appeared to be a large whitish bird, torpedo-shaped, smaller than the pelicans.  It was hard to follow at a mile distant.My group left the lighthouse area to walk up the path on the south side of the cape, still looking at the ocean.At 10 AM I was looking down on a swarm of sooties close below the viewpoint, when I picked up the booby again and followed it for 30 sec to a minute.  It had an all-white head.  The entire mantle was a soft scalloped brown.  The trailing edge of the brown continued across the back.  The tail was lighter, not continuous brown.My conclusion: Blue-footed Booby.Paul Sullivan

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