Date: 9/29/18 6:23 pm
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] BlacklickWoods,9-29:Red-br.Nuthatch,Kinglet,warblers
I birded this southeast Columbus MetroPark this morning, just after a stop
at nearby reynoldsburg Civic Park, finding some migrants at both, though no
big numbers at either. At Balcklick, one had to work hard to find a few
small flocks; about the only things easy were Robins and woodpeckers.
Notables for both included:

Raptors - Reynoldsburg Civic had a calling Red-shouldered, while Blacklick
Woods had a Coopers
Woodpeckers - good #s of Flickers at both (4,6), and Reynoldsburg Civic had
a sapsucker
Flycatchers - not a one
Red-br.Nuthatch - 1 was near the Nature Center at Blacklick Woods
Kinglet - my FOS Ruby-crown was near the Ash grove picnic area in Blacklick
Vireos - nothing
Thrushes - Blacklick Woods had 2 Wood Thrushes and 2-3 Swainsons, along
with 5-6 Bluebirds
Warblers - Black-thr.Greens led the pack, with 3 at each park, but
Magnolias and Tennessees were also at both. Blacklick Woods also had a
Nashville, Ovenbird, Hooded, Redstart, and 2 ComYellowthroats, while
Reynoldsburg Civic chipped in a Blackpoll.
Grosbeaks,Buntings - nothing
Blackbirds - a few small groups of grackles and Redwings at each park
Sparrows - a Swamp Sparrow was in the meadow near the Blacklick Woods
Nature Center


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