Date: 9/29/18 7:34 am
From: Butch Tetzlaff <butchchq8...>
Subject: Re: Nyjer question
You're at an odd time of year for Finches and feeders. They tend to be out
in the fields enjoying the natural treats as well as laying low for their
annual molt. I guarantee they will be back Nov 1 in droves.

That being said, yes, they will ignore old (often times moldy) Nyjer. In
the damp weather we've had lately, finch socks will not dry out and the
seed can go bad quickly. I recommend only using socks (or mesh feeders)
during dry weather or keeping it under a dome to help keep the moisture
off. It's hard to say how old the seed in the sock is or what it's
condition is, but open it up and take a look. If it's clumped, caked with
white, it's bad. If it's milk chocolate colored, it's been over heated by
the distributor (it has to be heat treated by law) and they won't eat it
either. You (and the birds) are looking for nice dark chocolate colored,
loose seed.

I hope that helps!

Butch Tetzlaff

On Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at 9:23 AM Glenn <
<000001214b3fcb01-dmarc-request...> wrote:

> Normally, the only bird feed we put out is black oil sunflower seeds.
> Mostly we see lots of House Finches and Northern Cardinals, and in the
> winter we get lots of Goldfinches. When we put out anything with millet,
> the House Sparrows show up and eat everything in a couple hours. So we
> don't do that. Sometimes we hang suet but mostly the House Sparrows eat it.
> Anyhow, we were at Atwoods about 4 weeks ago and decided to buy a
> prefilled nyjer sock. I hung it out with the feeders and in 4 weeks I saw
> only one House Finch perch on it for a few seconds then fly off. Nothing
> has eaten it. Could the seed get bad, or perhaps too old. Will birds
> ignore old nyjer seed? I thought the finches would love this stuff. I'm
> baffled.
> Glenn Wyatt
> Cabot

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