Date: 9/29/18 6:19 am
From: robert lane <ohiomagpie...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Beaver Creek Wildlife Education Center Upcoming Falconry Event
Next Saturday, October 6th, The Beaver Creek Wildlife Education Center in Columbiana County, is hosting our annual Falconry Event from 11:00AM to 4:00PM. Mick Brown, master falconer, with his three Harris's Hawks, will show his birds, up close and personal, providing many outstanding photo opportunities. Mick, as always, will entertain and educate about falconry with his interesting stories. My wife Denise and I, would like to once again put out an invitation to the birding community, to come and visit us at "The Center" for this special event. We will be a part of the volunteer host staff from 10:00AM to 5:00PM. To those who have not visited "The Center", in reality it is a museum of natural history, with over 375 bird and mammal mounts in natural settings. Everything from a full size Musk Oxen to a Great Gray Owl can be seen, with a Passenger Pigeon thrown in for good measure. In The Ohio Room, the "WOW Room" as we call it, birds and mammals that have been, or are regularly found in Ohio, can be seen. If you were to take The Ohio Division of Wildlife "Birds Of Ohio" Field Checklist, mounts of 186 of the species on the list can be found at "The Center". A new addition this year is our North American Room. The background scenery transitions from Alaska to the desert southwest. Mounts range in variety from Mountain Goat, to Black-billed Magpie, to Caribou and Wolves, to Gila Monster, just to give you a sampling. For an added bonus you can take a photo with a Grizzly Bear. BCWEC is located at 12798 Echo Dell Road, East Liverpool, Ohio 43920. As an added incentive for a visit, Pioneer Days, just down the hill in Beaver Creek State Park, will be taking place in the restored village area, centered around Gaston's Mill. Come on down and see us. You won't be disappointed. Of note; this is the final, open to the public weekend of the 2018 season, at "The Center".

Bob Lane / nearby Mahoning County


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