Date: 9/29/18 5:02 am
From: plm108 <plm108...>
Subject: [GABO-L] Common Terns at Lake Lanier
On Fri, Sep 28, Michael Linz and I headed to Lake Lanier to look for the COMMON TERNS reported by Mark McShane the evening before. We started near the dam and soon located 23 tern-looking birds flying across the lake about 2 miles away. All seemed same size, color etc. So we headed to Tidwell Park where we were able to get clearer looks and confirm that most if not all were indeed Commons. It took a longer time to get decent photos, requiring us to move to various areas as they flew around this section of the lake. Most often seen in the area near Shady Grove Campground (fee based) and the golf course across the lake from there. Lots of boats so I expect many more this weekend. We believe all 23 were Common but only submitted 3 in checklist below.

Patty McLean,  Tucker GA 

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