Date: 9/28/18 7:20 pm
From: Marge <marvantassel...>
Subject: RTHummingbird still hanging around feeder & migrating Broad-Wing Hawk (Armstrong Co.)
A young male hummingbird was here last week with a fluffy/buffy flanked
young female who is still coming regularly morning and dinnertime to a
feeder and perches on the small metal trellis the feeder hangs from and
catches a few bugs before her drink;

A Broadwinged Hawk was perched on a wire near the Armstrong County hospital
this morning;

For past few weeks an adult Bald Eagle has perched on same 2 trees by the
Kiski River near Parks Bend Farm pond on River Road regularly around 4 to 6
and neighbors and I have watched it fly between our houses back past field
and trees and an immature (looked like perhaps a 2nd year bird;;;have
photos of both) replaced the adult one afternoon. Awesome to
close to home.

Marge Van Tassel
Armstrong County
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