Date: 9/28/18 5:54 pm
From: Yong Kong <yklitespeed...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Peep ID request - Higbee WMA dike, Cape May County
I took a trip to Cape Island today to punish myself on the ID of confusing fall warblers and very high-flying raptors. Also to collect more Pignut hickory nuts to plant around the yard as my continue effort to duplicate Higbee type of habitat.

Birding was slow except many raptors in the sky but eventually felt like my list was growing. On the warbler front, I would guess about 20 or more common yellow-throated warblers, which may shed some light on the habitat type I was mostly interested in search of birds, perhaps, one can guess what my wish birds were.

After several hours of birding at odd places I eventually ended up at the famous Higbee Dike Morning Flight deck. Found my luck on the shorebirds at one of the shallow ponding area where a greater yellowleg and solitary sandpiper, ad several least, and semi were observed. One particular semi peeked my interest as it was the only one still wearing somewhat bright feathers.

Also, the structure of the peep appeared somewhat different than the adjacent semis in that the body seemed bit more attenuated with rufus tertials, and very faint split supercilium. But this peep clearly did not have white back brace. Determination of toe webbing was almost impossible since I did not have a scope, but review of one particular photo thru the camera viewfinder was somewhat exciting.

Most likely a Semipalmated sandpiper but Peep ID game is on for those who want to play. Photos on my Flickr.

Yong Kong
Camden County

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