Date: 9/28/18 2:23 pm
From: Dave King <daking55dk...> [cobirders] <cobirders-noreply...>
Subject: [cobirders] First Creek Trail, Denver County
Hello birders,
I walked the First Creek trail from 56th avenue to Buckley Road.  The Red headed Woodpecker eluded me.  I sat on the cement dam at Buckley Road for about an hour.  While watching 2 dozen Robins and a dozen White crowned Sparrow I also saw four Wilson's Warblers, a Ruby crowned Kinglet and two White breasted Nuthatches.  A thrush caught my attention.  It had rusty tail and back and large black spots on a whitish throat, breast and belly.  Finally a look at its head clinched the ID, a Wood Thrush!  The bird disappeared in the willows behind the little building at Buckley and First Creek.
On the walk back to 56th I saw 30 or more Wilson's Warblers and an Orange crowned Warbler.  Two Swainson's Thrushes with their distinctive eye rings were eating the black berries from the vines with red leaves.  Look for the dirt road coming from the south.  Farther east another thrush came out of willows.  This one had a rusty tail but olive brownish gray back, no eye ring.  I got nice views of a Hermit Thrush.
One last sighting, a skinny small flycatcher, not a Kingbird.  An Ash throated Flycatcher flew down the path from the horse stables toward the light rail station.   I saw the rufous tail and wings when it flew.  I sent photos to Rebecca.  I someone would tell me how to post photos to yahoo groups I would do that?
Dave KingDenver
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