Date: 9/28/18 3:02 am
From: Bruce Carl via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] Birding around Chincoteague NWR, VA
This is just a recap of my birding adventures in the town of Chincoteague
and Chincoteague NWR during this past week. As of this morning a total of
102 species have been identified that included 16 species of shorebirds, 9
species of gulls and terns, 9 species of egrets/herons/ibis and 10 species
of warblers. Some the more interesting finds included Wilson's plover,
piping plover, hudsonian godwit, gull billed tern, a rain puddle at the NWR
beach parking area that had lesser black backed/greater black
backed/laughing/ring billed and herring gulls together at the same time, a
calling Chuck wills widow, both glossy and white ibis, tricolored heron,
little blue heron, cattle egret, cape May/Bay
breasted/blackpoll/blackburnian warblers, black billed cuckoo, red headed
woodpecker, Merlin, Philadelphia vireo, red breasted nuthatches and a
summer tanager. A very enjoyable week away from home despite some
unfavorable weather conditions.

Bruce A Carl
Akron / Lanc. Co.
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