Date: 9/27/18 10:47 am
From: Archivist- JPH <gattonrocks52...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] possible California gull
This morning I found a gull at the Pleasant Hill Lake (Richland) swimming
beach which may be a California gull. As of 2001, the Ohio early fall
record is October 30, but sometimes gulls do crazy things. This gull was
larger than the nearby adult ring-billed gulls, had a mantle that was
noticeably darker than that of the nearby ad. ring-billed's, had
gray-greenish legs, and a brownish (dirty) hind neck. The back color was
not as dark as that of an adult lesser black-backed gull's. I saw this gull
from ~ 150 feet in cloudy, but good lighting conditions.
Ideally, someone relatively close needs to see this thing, before birders
drive multiple hours to see it. I feel confident about the i.d. but you
might wait until others confirm the i.d. I have limited experience with
California gull but have seen an adult in winter plumage.
There is a possibility that this gull might be a hybrid between a LBBG and
something else.
Good birding,
John Herman


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