Date: 9/27/18 8:48 am
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: YBSA
I've been trying to bird the yard more often to make up for the fact
that I can't get out and about birding as often as I'd like. Have to
keep the wife happy. :)  Somehow, every single year, I find myself
wanting to find more more more... how many species can I find...  even
when I consistently remind myself not to, and that finding a new species
or three that year more than makes up for not having a nice high list
count that year... the urge is still there. I've missed some that I
really wanted to see this year but, somehow have to take my mind off that.

I really wanted to see more fall migrators in the yard this year. I
don't know if my yard is better for Spring migration or something,
somehow... or what. But, I had a young magnolia warbler one morning and
nothing else for the ones just passing through.

And now, winter birds are showing up on me?  Wasn't out there long this
morning before I had a yellow-bellied sapsucker(YBSA) fly into a nearby
tree. I'll have to look at the bar charts on Ebird to see when they
normally get here but, well perhaps the year is just going by too
quickly but it doesn't seem time for winter birds yet. HA...  not long
later I found a yellow-rumped warbler. That bird is a bit of a frenemy
sometimes.  It's one of those birds that I'll find a lot of, somehow
think I have something more interesting and then, nope, another
yellow-rumped. HA.  Always helps when they're calling a bit for me to
count them more quickly. This one was doing what I like to compare to a
blackbird kind of chuck sound... it's not quite the same but, it's
similar enough that when I see a bird that size making that particular
noise, I know what it is. This one was doing that and then I got to ID
it visually.

Sometimes the changing of the seasons frustrates me because birds I
wanted to see are now gone... but, I'm still quite grateful for those
changes.  Pretty soon I wont be worrying about poison ivy, wasps, ticks,
and chiggers... and some of my favorite ducks will be showing up. Also
wont be worrying about sunblock so much. More than that, even though
it's frustrating at times, the changing of birds keeps things fresh. One
of my daughter's favorite birds is the scissor-tailed flycatcher. She
complained on year "why do they have to go?"   I explained that it was
probably a good thing... for such a fascinating bird, if it were here
year round, it might eventually feel as commonplace to her as a
cardinal. Those comings and goings sort of makes things new all over
again, year after year.
Things are moving and changing out there. Don't blink too long. :)

Daniel Mason

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