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Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Elmer's Island - airport
I remember about 5 years ago when Exxon Mobil operations were bought out EXxonM was trying to decide what to do with the land they owned, aka Exxon fields, that were not part of the buyout. The Grand Isle mayor approached EXxonM with the idea of donating the land to the city of GI so a golf course could be built there, along Hwy 1. EXxonM didn't go through with it (not sure who owns it now)but my point is that the GI mayor thinks golf courses and air strips are the way to attract tourists and additional dollars into the local economy. Needless to say, I don't agree.

Harriett Pooler
Baton Rouge

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On Sep 26, 2018, at 7:11 PM, Jody Shugart <jodyshugart...> wrote:

"Wildlife and Fisheries had planned to develop a "birding area" in the
section of the refuge now eyed for the airport. According to plans drafted
just three months ago, the birding area would have a new trail, boardwalk,
and observation deck showcasing an area known as a prime bird watching
spot. "

Are they trying to bribe birders into supporting the loss of habitat with
more birding locations?

> On Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 6:38 PM Kevin Morgan <cowboyinbrla...> wrote:
> What it takes to understand this is that the Grand Isle Independent Levee
> District, which wants to open the airport, wants more money to spend on
> stuff it wants to do. Some of you may remember all the scandals that arose
> from the Orleans Levee Board's "side" operations that were used to generate
> millions upon millions of dollars, allegedly to help support "flood
> control", but which turned into a giant patronage slush fund.
> There are limited opportunities for an agency like the GIILD to squeeze
> money out of their local base - people there hate paying taxes as much as
> anywhere else in the state - and what better way than to get the state to
> fork over the use of nearby wildlife refuge land (for FREE, mind you) so
> that GIILD can get people to pay them to use a state asset, even if that
> degrades the value of the asset for everyone else? Then you sit back and
> get private businesses to pay for the privilege of building the hangar,
> operating the hangar, operating the fuel depot, etc. - all with a
> percentage of revenues plus a base amount going to the GIILD.
> Sure, there's another airport not very far away. But the GIILD doesn't
> make money off THAT airport. The Greater Lafourche Port Commission does.
> And that also means private planes landing there to bring wealthy tourist
> fishermen will probably use Galliano-local resources, putting money in
> their economy and not Grand Isle's. There are all sorts of money-making
> opportunities with this proposal that don't happen if people keep flying
> into Galliano instead.
> And I do not mean to suggest that this deal would inevitably be corrupt.
> It might be entirely above-board, publicly bid, no shenanigans involved
> whatsoever (or maybe not). But the point remains: this is about somebody -
> the GIILD, for starters - making money.
> Kevin Morgan
> Baton Rouge LA
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> Van, Erik & LAbirders,
> What I can't quite understand is that there is already an airport
> about 20 miles away as-the-gull-flies (30 by road) from Elmer's,
> so why do we need another one?
> The South Lafourche Leonard Miller Jr. Airport is in Galliano and
> is owned by the Greater Lafourche Port Commission. As far as
> I know it is open for public use. It supports heli, single engine
> and small jet traffic, with 20,000+ aircraft operations per year
> according to the most recent stats(2012-2013).
> Jed Pitre
> Thibodaux, LA

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