Date: 9/26/18 5:11 pm
From: Jody Shugart <jodyshugart...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Elmer's Island - airport
"Wildlife and Fisheries had planned to develop a "birding area" in the
section of the refuge now eyed for the airport. According to plans drafted
just three months ago, the birding area would have a new trail, boardwalk,
and observation deck showcasing an area known as a prime bird watching
spot. "

Are they trying to bribe birders into supporting the loss of habitat with
more birding locations?

On Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 6:38 PM Kevin Morgan <cowboyinbrla...> wrote:

> What it takes to understand this is that the Grand Isle Independent Levee
> District, which wants to open the airport, wants more money to spend on
> stuff it wants to do. Some of you may remember all the scandals that arose
> from the Orleans Levee Board's "side" operations that were used to generate
> millions upon millions of dollars, allegedly to help support "flood
> control", but which turned into a giant patronage slush fund.
> There are limited opportunities for an agency like the GIILD to squeeze
> money out of their local base - people there hate paying taxes as much as
> anywhere else in the state - and what better way than to get the state to
> fork over the use of nearby wildlife refuge land (for FREE, mind you) so
> that GIILD can get people to pay them to use a state asset, even if that
> degrades the value of the asset for everyone else? Then you sit back and
> get private businesses to pay for the privilege of building the hangar,
> operating the hangar, operating the fuel depot, etc. - all with a
> percentage of revenues plus a base amount going to the GIILD.
> Sure, there's another airport not very far away. But the GIILD doesn't
> make money off THAT airport. The Greater Lafourche Port Commission does.
> And that also means private planes landing there to bring wealthy tourist
> fishermen will probably use Galliano-local resources, putting money in
> their economy and not Grand Isle's. There are all sorts of money-making
> opportunities with this proposal that don't happen if people keep flying
> into Galliano instead.
> And I do not mean to suggest that this deal would inevitably be corrupt.
> It might be entirely above-board, publicly bid, no shenanigans involved
> whatsoever (or maybe not). But the point remains: this is about somebody -
> the GIILD, for starters - making money.
> Kevin Morgan
> Baton Rouge LA
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> Van, Erik & LAbirders,
> What I can't quite understand is that there is already an airport
> about 20 miles away as-the-gull-flies (30 by road) from Elmer's,
> so why do we need another one?
> The South Lafourche Leonard Miller Jr. Airport is in Galliano and
> is owned by the Greater Lafourche Port Commission. As far as
> I know it is open for public use. It supports heli, single engine
> and small jet traffic, with 20,000+ aircraft operations per year
> according to the most recent stats(2012-2013).
> Jed Pitre
> Thibodaux, LA

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