Date: 9/26/18 10:36 am
From: Andy Wilson <awilson.gettysburg...>
Subject: iNaturalist project for Pennsylvania
Dear birders,

I know many of you are already familiar with iNaturalist, but I’d like to
announce an iNat “project” for The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – basically
a way to automatically collate all records submitted for the state. It
passed the 200,000 observations mark just yesterday, of 9,305 species,
submitted by 9,559 observers.

The PA project is here:

Despite these impressive stats, on a per capita basis, we lag behind most
surrounding states in submissions. So, I’d like to encourage everyone to
check out iNaturalist. The app makes submitting data (especially via photos
from smartphones) incredibly easy, and by using machine learning, the app
even gives you a few best guess of species identification. Observations can
also be submitted through the website…but please try to plot them
accurately if your camera doesn’t include geolocation information.

Clearly, other citizen science projects (eBird, BBS, atlases etc.) will
remain the focus for large-scale bird data collection, but the
opportunities for collating data on other taxonomic groups is immense. See
the data on Spotted Lanternfly as an example:

Good birding/naturalisting, one-and-all

Andy Wilson

Gettysburg College

member of the Ornithological Technical Committee of the Pennsylvania
Biological Survey,
@AndyWGettysburg <> on Twitter
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