Date: 9/26/18 6:11 am
From: Cindy Brougher Zalunardo <cindybirdzalunardo...>
Subject: [COBOL] Clear Lake Birds (McKenzie Headwaters)
Black-throated gray warbler, common yellowthroat, varied thrush, dipper, cedar waxwing, song sparrow, white-crowned sparrow, golden-crowned sparrow, Lincoln sparrow, savannah sparrow, ruby-crowned kinglet, hermit thrush, dark-eyed junco, sharp-shinned hawk, great blue heron, Barrows goldeneye, Ring-necked duck, mallard, Stellar’s jay, American Robin…

Paddled Tuesday with peak fall color and ideal temperature with Claire Weiser, who had a dipper land and cavort on the deck of her kayak.
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