Date: 9/26/18 6:07 am
From: Joel Geier <joel.geier...>
Subject: [obol] Fwd: Christmas Bird Counts coming up soon
The leaves are turning so it's time to look forward to Christmas Bird
Count (CBC) season which is coming up in less than 3 months.

Some counts are now scheduled for the first week of the season. Here are
the ones I'm aware of:

Dec 15 (Saturday) John Day (per Tom Winters)

Dec 17 (Monday) Antone (near Dayville in Grant/Wheeler Co.)

Dec 18 (Tuesday) Summer Lake (per Marty St. Louis)

Dec 19 (Wednesday) Hart Mountain (per Laurel Kullerud)

Dec 21 (Friday) Sheldon NWR (in the northwest corner of Nevada)

I'll be sending out more details on arrangements for the Antone and
Sheldon NWR counts in the next couple of weeks.

Christmas Bird Counts are open to all who are interested in birds,
regardless of skill level.

Joel Geier
Oregon Regional CBC Editor

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