Date: 9/25/18 7:40 am
From: Chuck Berthoud <cbpabirds...>
Subject: Something new: October Big Day sponsored by Cornell Lab
Hello PA Birders,

The first Saturday in October has been designated October Big Day by
Cornell Lab. Why October? It is spring in the southern hemisphere and
migration is still ongoing in the northern hemisphere. The Lab has been
encouraged by the great participation in Global Big Day in May over the
past 4 years that they wanted to try it in October. The results will be
tabulated in eBird. I anticipate October's eBird Challenge will be an
encouragement to participate in October Big Day.

Cornell Lab tips for birding on October Big Day

# If you’re looking for a new place to find birds, exploreeBird Hotspots
<> ( near you.
UseMerlin Bird ID
help with tricky species.
# Get together with friends and set a goal for your birding—most unusual
species? Biggest flock? All the species in your favorite family? The
possibilities are endless.
# Take photos andadd them to your checklist
<>they might end
up on the October Big Day page!
# Make your sightings valuable to science: submit complete checklists
keep counts of the birds that you see
<>; and keep
multiple checklists throughout the course of your birding—if you get in
the car, end that checklist and start a new one when you get to the next

Chuck Berthoud

Spring Grove, York County
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