Date: 9/24/18 2:33 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: bicycles and such
I often don't know how to choose a subject line... ha

A couple of random thoughts, some useful, some I don't know...

I just saw something that said 20 miles of trails are going to be added
at Hobbs for mountain bikes.  I always have mixed feelings about
mountain bike trails...  There's a part of me that doesn't like sharing
a trail with so much activity... but, these trails often create new
places to bird AND are, I believe, often done by some fairly nature
conscious people.
I'm not sure what these trails will be like but, I do wonder if it could
present more birding opportunity... We'll see.

I have to check back with the ANHC about a location(not mountain biking)
in Springtown that could be good. They were working on something that I
thought would be done by now. I'll report back if I figure that one out.

I need to put a trail in my own  backyard one of these days.

There's a sign at city lake in Siloam Springs explaining some of the
features coming this next Spring. What does next spring mean? I have no
idea. There's a LOT of stuff they've been planning and putting off for
years. Once these things are complete, however, I think I'll like some
and hate other parts.  Is there enough room for all they're doing? I
kind of don't think so. A disc golf course is going in(has been planned
for years) as well as one or two new mountain bike courses. These are
small courses with hills and such that look like they'll be fun.  I love
and hate the idea. I think I'll use it myself when its done... and as
much as I'll hate them interrupting that nice open field... I do believe
they'll be planting some more trees and such that will make it more like
a park that, it may benefit birds to some extent. I wish I had an "in"
with the parks department so I could try and make sure they consider
natives and plants birds can use. :)  The lower wet section of the field
will be left alone as butterfly habitat. It's been pretty good for that
this year.
There's a part of me that wants to put in a butterfly garden like they
have at the eagle watch... and perhaps label trees along the trails.

On the far eastern side of the lake, they are currently working on a
bridge that will cross the creek so there will be a lot more to be
explored for those that are interested in exploring. You can bird from
the main parking lot and just walking down to the lake at the field and
feel you got some good birding in but, there's a LOT more to explore
there... and mountain bike trails in the woods over on the other side of
the lake. As long as the trail isn't busy, it's a good long walk through
hills and turns.  It was good for acadian flycatchers the last few
summers. The parking lot at the mountain bike trail looks like it has
fresh gravel so it's not such a big drop anymore.
Back to the field, there's a birding blind coming as well. I wish I knew
what that was going to be like, how large, what kind, etc...  But, I'm
going to LOVE that in the winter when I go there to watch ducks and
eagles. City lake is a decent spot to watch eagles in the winter.
And there will be an actual parking lot at the field with, I THINK,
bathrooms. The parking lot alone will make it more accessible for anyone
that might need that. I'm hoping that some of this will be completed by
the field trip next May but I have no clue what their timetable is. 
We'll see.

Lots going on out there.

Daniel Mason

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