Date: 9/24/18 9:37 am
From: Tom Crabtree <tc...>
Subject: Re: [COBOL] Sunday on Green Ridge
David (and all),

The Rough-legged Hawk is indeed early. The average arrival date for Central Oregon is October 17th. The previous early date for Green Ridge (and Jefferson County) is October 2nd.

I’m assuming it was considerably warmer on Sunday with sunshine for most of the day. How were the winds? Was Pete the only one to see the Broad-winged?

Tom Crabtree, Bend

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Subject: [COBOL] Sunday on Green Ridge

As predicted, Sunday did indeed produce sun and more birds with 167 moving through. It was a good day for Red-tails with Coops and Shapies seesawing back and forth with even numbers for most of the day. Peter's day was made by his sighting of a Broad-winged and we were all encouraged by the visit of two families from Bend with young children in tow. The morning and early afternoon were slow but numbers continued to increase with birds still coming past after 5:30 for a strong finish. Tortoiseshell butterflies migrated through all day and a couple of flocks of Clark's Nutcracker came by in addition to a small flock of Western Bluebirds. We found it interesting that Bonney Butte (which we can see from our site) had 5 birds on Saturday to our 88 and 127 on Sunday.

2 Osprey

4 Bald Eagle

29 Sharp-shinned Hawk

21 Cooper's Hawk

32 Red-tailed Hawk

1 Rough-legged Hawk (early?)

1 Broad-winged Hawk

1 Golden Eagle

3 Merlin

1 Unid. Accipiter

1 Unid. Buteo

1 Unid. Raptor

20 TV

Observers included the ever dedicated Peter Low assisted by Chuck Gates, Mary Ann Kruse, Mike Bogar, the Esperancillas and the Scrantons. Next week Kim Boddie, who comprises our trail maintenance crew, will be covering for me as I slay junipers on Hart Mountain with ONDA. Good fall birding to all,


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