Date: 9/23/18 6:18 pm
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Alum-Hoover,9-23: Yellow-thr.Warbler,PurpleFinch
I stopped at several areas of north Hoover Reservoir and south Alum Creek
Lake looking for migrant flocks. I started at Oxbow Rd on Hoover, went
west to New Galena and Plumb Rd accesses at Alum Creek lake, then came back
to Hoover for the Wiese Rd bike path. Each site had some migrants, but
nowhere had large numbers. Notables included:

Raptors - Oxbow had 2 Cooper's Hawks, while New Galena and Plumb Rd each
had a Sharp-shinned Hawk. New Galena also had a pair of adult Bald Eagles
perched in a tree across from the boat launch ramp.

Hummingbird - 1 buzzed by at the Wiese Rd bike path

Woodpeckers - still no sapsuckers, but still good #s of Flickers at most

Flycatchers - E.WoodPewees at New Galena and Wiese; Leasts were at Oxbow
and New Galena, while Acadians were at New Galena and Wiese Rd. None were

Vireos - the only vireo was a Red-eyed at oxbow Island

Thrushes - Swainsons were at nearly every stop, but rarely more than 1-2.

Mimids - Catbirds still common everywhere, and New Galena also had a
lingering Brown Thrasher

Cedar Waxwings - small flocks were at New Galena (35) and Wiese Rd (20)

Blackbirds - the only sizeable flocks were flying over Oxbow Island early
(65 grackles, 35 Redwings)

Warblers - best was a late Yellow-throated at Oxbow Island, but also had
many Magnolias, and Nashville, Tennessee, Parula, Cape Mays,
Chestnut-sided, Blackpolls, Bay-breasted, Redstarts, Black-thr.Greens, and

Buntings,Grosbeaks - a single Indigo Bunting and 2 Rose-br.grosbeaks were
along the Wiese rd bike path

Finches - a Purple Finch flew past the New Galena boat launch, calling as
it went.


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