Date: 9/23/18 10:26 am
From: Tina Jones <tjcalliope...>
Subject: [cobirds] Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Hi all,

I have been in the yard, just sitting, and the hummer who comes to the back is rarely coming in. Once in an hour and a half. I did not see the one with the red spot on it's throat. I moved the chairs further away from the feeder so the look of the hummer is not really good, but you can come by if you want. BUT, please ONLY sit quietly in the chair, and do NOT walk around the yard. I can not promise the bird will be here. I know the hummers will probably not be here after my yard folks come this week. Because of this, I am closing my yard for viewing tomorrow.

Sorry for those who could not see the bird. These birds could have gotten skittish regardless and the looks if any today involve waiting a long time.

Both birds are hatch year male Ruby-throated[immatures]. The white tips of the tail determine this, with rectrice 5 being narrowed to a tip. Inner primaries also indicate a young male . The characteristics that some of us use to ID hummers,[coloration on gorget and throat], in this case, and in many other cases, do not always tell one which sex or age the bird is. Hummers remain to be very hard to ID, unless you have the bird in the hand. Calling the bird by it's common name and not getting the bird to sex and age may be all we can do, in certain situations and this is fine.

Many , many thanks to everyone who shared photos, Mark Chavez, Frank Farrel, Steven Rash, Rob Raker, Myron[sorry I forgot your last name], Ira Saunders, and Rosanne. If I left anyone out, sorry.

Thanks and Happy Birding!

Tina Jones

Littleton,CO. Jefferson CO.

I'm glad some of you saw the bird/birds.

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