Date: 9/23/18 10:17 am
From: Patricia Valdata <pvaldata1...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Yellow-crowned Hummer and mystery warbler
Young male Ruby-throated: Either the bird had a head full of pollen or its
crown feathers were yellow. It didn't stick around long enough for me to
get a good look.

It came with a mixed flock: Chipping Sparrows and their young, which are
now in that foraging-but-still-begging stage; immature Bluebird just coming
into its blue feathers. Most intriguing was a warbler with a greenish back,
two whitish/buffy wing bars, white eye ring, faint streaks on the sides of
a pale-yellow breast. It was on the ground, yanking on a worm just like a
robin. No tail twitching or pumping. I'm stumped, as usual with fall

Pat Valdata
Crisfield, Somerset County

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