Date: 9/22/18 11:29 pm
From: Robert Thorn <robthorn6...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Chillicothe,9-22: migrants
I made the trek down to the un-glaciated edge around Chillicothe to see if
the edge forest blocks might concentrate migrant fallout, and met with
mixed results. I stopped at Kinnikinnick Preserve, the north part of Great
Seal State Park, several riverside parks in Chillicothe (Gunlock Preserve &
Yoctangee), and the Buzzard'sRoost Preserve west of town. All had some
migrant landbirds, but Great Seal and Buzzard'sRoost, the largest forest
blocks, had the best flocks. Notables included:

Raptors - Great Seal had Sharpie & Cooper's, while Buzzardsroost had
Red-shouldered & Harrier

Hummer - a male Ruby-throat was still around Kinnikinnick

Woodpeckers - no sapsuckers yet, but good #s of Flickers included 9-10 at
Great Seal. Great Seal had a Pileated, while Buzzardsroost had 2.

Flycatchers - E.WoodPewees common at all stops. Great Seal had a Least,
while Buzzardsroost had 2 Acadians and another Least. Phoebes were at all
stops, but not common.

Vireos - Red-eyed were common at Great Seal and Buzzardsroost (4-5 each),
while both sites also had Philadelphia Vireos. Gunlock chipped in a
White-eyed, while Kinnikinnick had a singing Warbling

Red-br.Nuthatch - had single calling birds at both Great Seal and

Thrushes - Swainsons and Woods were at both Great Seal and Buzzardsroost,
though in small numbers
Mimids - Catbirds were abundant at all stops, but Great Seal also had 3-4
Brown Thrashers

Waxwings - flocks of Cedar Waxwings were at Kinnikinnick and Great Seal

Blackbirds - flocks of Redwings, perhaps 300 birds, were moving through the
marshes at Kinnikinnick, and I noted overflying flocks at several places
along US 23

Warblers - Magnolias, Redstarts, and Bl.thr.Greens were widespread and
common; Great Seal had 8-9 Magnolias, while Buzzardsroost had 5-6 BTGs.
Also had Parula, Nashville, Tennessees, Blackpolls, Blackburnians,
Chestnut-sided, and ComYellowthroats

Tanagers - Scarlets were at Great Seal & Buzzardsroost, while the latter
also had a Summer

Buntings,Grosbeaks - Indigo Buntings were at Kinnikinnick and Great Seal,
while Rose-br.Grosbeaks were at those spots and Buzzardsroost, with 3 at


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