Date: 9/22/18 4:38 pm
From: Hawkcount.Org Reports <reports...>
Subject: [de-birds] Ashland Nature Center (22 Sep 2018) 1458 Raptors
Ashland Nature Center
Hockessin, Delaware, USA
Daily Raptor Counts: Sep 22, 2018

Species Day's Count Month Total Season Total
------------------ ----------- -------------- --------------
Black Vulture 0 0 0
Turkey Vulture 0 0 0
Osprey 32 205 207
Bald Eagle 13 72 72
Northern Harrier 1 16 17
Sharp-shinned Hawk 38 152 153
Cooper's Hawk 6 34 34
Northern Goshawk 0 0 0
Red-shouldered Hawk 1 28 28
Broad-winged Hawk 1311 1501 1501
Red-tailed Hawk 2 16 17
Rough-legged Hawk 0 0 0
Golden Eagle 0 0 0
American Kestrel 44 164 164
Merlin 2 25 25
Peregrine Falcon 1 6 6
Unknown Accipiter 2 5 5
Unknown Buteo 1 1 1
Unknown Falcon 2 6 6
Unknown Eagle 0 0 0
Unknown Raptor 2 4 4

Total: 1458 2235 2240

Observation start time: 06:00:00
Observation end time: 17:00:00
Total observation time: 11 hours

Official Counter: David Brown

Observers: Andrew Bogush, Carol Ralph, Dan Meyer, Dirk Robinson,
Frank Rohrbacher, Gwen Moore, Jim Lewis, Joe Francis,
Joe Swertinski, Kim Steininger, Martin Sokolich,
Matt Sarver, Matt Sileo, Melody Schultz, Noreen Robertson,
Pam Hesler, Peter Wilner

45: Norm Lincoln, Micaela Samodelov, Julie Kaeser, Pam Green, Jim Green,
Kate Green, Phil H, Meranti family, Terry H, Geno M.

Thanks to all the volunteers and visitors who helped spot birds. Days like
today take a lot of eyes and everyone did a great job helping. It was nice
to meet former Ashland counter Matt Sileo (2008).

Partly sunny in the morning becoming overcast in the afternoon. Cooler with
moderate to strong north winds.

Raptor Observations:
As expected today was a great day for raptor migration. Kettles of
broad-winged hawks began to pass over at high altitude starting late
morning and continuing through the afternoon until late in the day when
kettles passed over low as they settled down for the day. One last
broad-wing was seen coming to roost at 5:30pm. The final total of
broad-wings was 1311.

We also had a large flight of ospreys (32), bald eagles (13), sharp-shinned
hawks (38), and kestrels (44).

Most raptors were very high and required constant scanning with binoculars
to spot.

Four kestrels were seen flying together near the saddles just before 6pm
but were not counted as migrants.

Non-raptor Observations:
175 Canada geese, 7 common nighthawks, 150 blue jays, northern waterthrush,
Tennessee warbler, blue grosbeak, 2 double-crested cormorants, and a
constant stream of monarch butterflies (easily 500+)

Cloudy with occasional rain. Cool with a high of 64F. Winds NE@5 gusting
7mph. Probably won't be very good and the count might get cancelled or
shortened due to rain.
Report submitted by David Brown (<davidebrownpa...>)
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