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Subject: [obol] Re: Sullivan's law
Or spending all day looking for a lifer [Gila Woodpecker in the Phoenix area], going back to the hotel dejected, and on the way to dinner finding two in the tree above your car (it happened).


David Starrett
Columbia, MO

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Mine is, if you hike up a mountain looking for Mountain Quail and your hubby stays in the car because he's not feeling well, you won't find a single one on the mountain but a covey of them will march past the car as he watches through the window...

dawn v
Lincoln City/Nelscott

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I know that 1st law... I looked for a Burrowing Owl that was reported at Agate Lake until it was getting dark and I was tired lugging my camera around... as I was walking back to the car defeated again, there it was on the ground 15' from me with its bright yellow eyes giving it away.
My 2nd law would be that whenever you chase a rare bird that someone has reported, you will always be a little too late.

Karl Schneck

"As age comes on, one source of enjoyment after another is closed, but nature's sources never fail." John Muir

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Sullivan's 1st law of seeking a desired bird:
You will walk out until you are tired, then walk back and the bird will be by the car.
I validated this law again this afternoon. I walked south from China Creek, south of Bandon, for an hour. When I got back I found 30 Snowy Plovers straight in front of my car, half way to the water line from the parking lot.
Paul Sullivan

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