Date: 9/21/18 1:48 pm
From: Benton County Bird Sit <bentoncountybigsit...>
Subject: [obol] The Benton County Bird Sit Fundraiser is TOMORROW!
Hi all,
The Benton County Bird Sit Fundraiser (which is organized and conducted by
teen birders) is tomorrow! Please pledge/donate to help support bird
conservation! The sit will be held at the Cabell Marsh Blind in Finley NWR;
visitors are welcome from dawn-dusk. Unfortunately we cannot take donations
at the blind this year, if you want to donate please send us an email. We
have copied out previous email to this listserve below. This email contains
more information about where the funds go and about the sit in general.

If you want more information you can visit our website at:

-The Benton County Bird Sit Team

Previous email:

Hi all,

The Benton County Bird Sit is just a little under a week away! This is a
great excuse to visit Finley NWR in the heart of the Willamette Valley.

The 2018 Benton County Bird Sit is organized by Jacob Mathison and Isaac
Denzer both of whom are enthusiastic teenage birders trying to support bird
conservation. During the fundraiser we will count bird species for 15 hours
from the Cabell Marsh blind at Finley NWR.

The money we raise will be evenly divided between the following conservation

Friends of the Willamette Valley NWR complex
Friends of Malheur NWR
Corvallis Audubon
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

*Where? *Cabell Marsh Blind
in Finley NWR.

*When?* Saturday September 22nd, for 15 hours!

We encourage the public to drop in any time between 6:30am and 7:30pm.

*How does the Benton County Bird Sit work?* We count birds within a 17ft
diameter circle for 15 hours. People pledge a certain amount of money per
species found or donate a fixed amount. Once the sit is over we eually
dived all the money and send it to the organizations above.

*How can you support our cause?* You can support the Benton County Bird Sit
by pledging money
(per species or a fixed amount). If you would like to pledge, please reply
to this email (<Bentoncountybigsit...>) and ask for a pledge sheet. We
are not able to to take donations during the day of the sit.

Last year's sit was a great success; we ended the day with 81 species and
$3152 raised for bird conservation! This year our goal is to raise over
$3500. Please help us meet this goal!

If you have any questions or want to pledge please email us at
If you would like more information please visit our website

Please consider sharing this event on social media!

We hope to see you at Cabell Marsh blind on September 22nd,

-The Benton County Bird Sit Team

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