Date: 9/21/18 6:49 am
From: Hal Mitchell <halmitchell...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Venice Pelagic Birding (Sept. 15)
Hey LABird,

Last weekend (Sep. 15) an intrepid group of mostly MS, LA, AL, and TX birders completed a pelagic trip out of Venice, LA, aboard the near famous MV Cougar with Captain John Coulon. We spent 13 hours on the water, heading as far south as time allowed; and we had a few great birds along the way. Very near the transition to blue water we encountered our best bird, a GREAT SHEARWATER <>, as it was being harassed by a magnificent frigatebird. The frigatebird wandered off as we slowly approached, and the shearwater seemed somewhat relieved as it stayed near the vessel for nearly five minutes composing itself (preening) before flying away. A little further south, we were able to get great looks at an AUDUBON’S SHEARWATER <>. The bird was actively flying, and another was seen shortly after losing sight of the first (this may have been a second individual). After finally finding one of the elusive patches of sargassum, we observed a loose group of BRIDLED TERNS <>. Some folks were able to see a distant CORY’S SHEARWATER near the same location. Our last great bird was a lone RED-NECKED PHALAROPE <>, a fitting way to end the day. I'm very much looking forward to more of these Venice Pelagic Trips.

Hope all is well,

Hal Mitchell
Southaven, MS
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