Date: 9/20/18 7:19 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Coos ‘n Curry of late
Took a quick cruise down to very southern Curry this AM (9/20). Was at
Winchuck by 0730. Unfortunately a strong east wind was blowing and it was
smoky from the Klondike Fire. Anyhow spent a few minutes, saw a few
chickadees and a Yellow Warbler and headed north.

At Lone Ranch north of Brookings winds were not bad, but it quickly became
apparent I was a bit early for the big passerine push which hits the south
coast late Sep/early Oct. (or it was an off day- slow everywhere- I usual
use my vacation time to go over to east side this week, now I remember
why). Did find a Willow (Traill’s) Fly- hatch year/first fall. Only Yellow
Warbs and Yellowthroats. The odd bird of the day award went to the Virginia
Rail walking in the open along the rocky creek side close to the beach.

Next was Pistol River. Lotsa VG Swallows overhead as I normally find here
this time of year (100’s- no Barns, in 1000s a bit later in Sep most
years). Another Traill’s Fly. A few chickadees and Yellow Warbs, lotsa
yellowthroats. Scads of crown sparrows plus one singing Lincoln’s. Many
singing Sooty Fox Sparrows as per usual. Best bird was a SAY’S PHOEBE which
always get caps in my posts.

In Gold Beach was super smoky and windy so I just checked for terns (none
anywhere). One GW Fronted Goose in Wedderburn Ponds otherwise to windy and
smoky to bird anymore.

Birding normally picks up the next two weeks- best time for sure, I went
early to check it out but had a pretty slow day.

On Thursday I had a couple Lapland Longspurs at Floras Lake near river
(north of lake). Typical for this time of year. 100+ pipits.

On Wednesday at N Spit Coos Bay along with meager shorebird congregation
was a single GW Fronted-Goose with two of them Canadian Geese 😆

Merry migration all!
Tim R
Coos Bay

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