Date: 9/20/18 1:42 pm
From: ACP <rook185...>
Subject: Red-breasted Nuthatch, Cooper's Hawk - York County
Had a nice surprise this morning when I heard and then saw a Red-breasted Nuthatch. Earlier in the same tree, I watched a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk being harassed for a full 20 minutes by a flock of blue jays. They would dive at it then the hawk would make a half-hearted attempt to go after one of the jays. Made me wonder if the young hawks get intimidated by flocks of jays. I suspect it was a male as it was on the small side. Finally the jays got bored and flew off and the hawk took off in the other direction.

Have a good evening.

Ann C. Pettigrew, VMD
York, PA
<rook185...> (Photographs)
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