Date: 9/19/18 6:43 pm
From: Terence Skelton <00000140e212e0d0-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Photo of "bridge" on LABIRD facebook page
Hi, guys,

I just posted on the LABIRD Facebook site a photo of a wood stork flying over what I was calling the bridge. I'd love to know the correct name for this structure so I can properly identify it in future posts.

I just have a little Sony Cyber Shot so my pictures are not great, but I hope you can get the gist if you blow it up on your computer.

I drove home the whole way on Highway 1 South, and as I was exiting off the road along the beautiful False River, a big wind came up and I got caught in heavy thunderstorms, so who knows what that will bring.

Hope y'all all have a safe weekend, and I look forward to birding with y'all this fall!

Happy birding


Terence Skelton
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