Date: 9/19/18 9:55 am
From: Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Palmyra - Burlington - migration - yes!
Finally….. we have been having birds move though. This was the first morning of good numbers to work through.
Real quick as I have to get to work.

1 YB Cuckoo
1 Alder
1 Pewee
13 Warbling Vireo
3 Gnatcatchers
1 Brown Thrasher
2 Northern Waterthrush
7 Black and Whites
5 Common Yellowthroats
14 Redstarts
1 Cape May
7 Parulas
7 Maggies
1 Bay-breasted
2 Blackburnian
2 Blackpoll
2 Black-throated Blues
2 Black-throated Greens
2 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks

From other birders there - Connecticut Warbler, BH Vireo, RB Nuthatch, Tennessee Warbler, GC Fly, etc.

Good birding all!

Sandra Keller

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