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Others can access the data and information about the status, distribution and occurrence of the Yellow Rail and 512 other species (some of which have no accepted records in Nebraska) by going to the Birds of Nebraska – Online (<>). The Yellow Rail species account, which lists the thirteen fall records, can be found by clicking on this link:


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That is great data Michael!

Does anyone know how others could access this data? If one wanted to target a particular species, this data would certainly help narrow the search.


M. Scott
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Interesting find Rick! I would caution however that the description is quite good for a juv. Sora, which have white trailing secondaries and are much closer to in overall coloration to a Yellow Rail than an adult. Sora, including a juv., has been reported at that location by multiple observers throughout the past 3 days. Listening to Yellow Rail recordings online, their "squeak" call seems very similar to several Sora squeaky type calls. There are only 13 fall records for Yellow Rail in the state, only 3 of which have occurred in the last 20 years. This would also be the earliest report on record. The expected dates for Yellow Rail would be at the end of Sept., beginning of Oct. You very well may have had one, but additional observations, details, photos, recordings etc. would be highly desirable.

Good luck to any others who may have or be attempting at locating this bird!

Michael Willison


Subject: Yellow Rail at LaPlatte Bottoms
Date: Wed Sep 12 2018 21:53 pm
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On Sep 12 at about 1:30pm, Phil Swanson and I got a brief look at a Yellow Rail at LaPlatte Bottoms (Sarpy Co, south of Bellevue NE).

We were in the area where the stilt is being seen. We parked outside the open gate in the area off Harlan Lewis Rd north of Hwy 34. We walked down the gravel road about 250 yards where the big curve to the left is. The bird flushed from the left side of the road and flew a short distance toward the deeper water into the tall, dark brown grasses standing in the water. We didn't see it after that.

Phil heard the bird make a call that he later matched to the call of the Yellow Rail on his bird app. We both saw the bird for about 3-4 seconds and noticed:

- obvious rail-like shape with trailing legs

- smallish rail (Sora-sized or smaller)

- grayish-brown body overall with noticeable streaking

- conspicuous white patches in the secondaries on both wings

We were not able to get a photo, so it will be interesting to see if the bird is seen or heard again.

The stilt was still present.

Earlier in the day, we found a lot of migrant passerines at Fontenelle Forest (Sarpy Co, Bellevue), including:

Blue-headed Vireo

Swainson's Thrush

Nashville Warbler

Tennessee Warbler

Orange-crowned Warbler

Magnolia Warbler

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Blackburnian Warbler

Blackpoll Warbler

Northern Parula

Black-and-White Warbler

American Redstart

Wilson's Warbler

Good birding - Rick (and Phil)

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