Date: 9/18/18 4:04 pm
From: JoAnn Drew <000001540c75b1c3-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: Leucistic Hummingbird
I too had a leucistic hummingbird at my feeder last Thursday morning, the 13th, for just a couple of hours.  What a thrill!!!

JoAnn Drew
In a message dated 9/18/2018 5:07:13 PM Central Standard Time, <000002255a712e56-dmarc-request...> writes:

During the past week (Tuesday, Sep 11, thru Monday, Sep 17) a leucistic hummingbird (female RTH?) has been feeding at our place on the east side of Hot Springs Village. She fed everyday at about 5-30 minute intervals from daylight to dark, but did not show up at all today (Tuesday). We have had perhaps 50 RTHs steadily for the last couple of weeks. I have numerous photos of the leucistic bird, but do not how to incorporated them in this LISTSERV.

Coincidentally, after our local Audubon Society meeting late last week, a couple who live in the mid-Village area some 5+ miles distant showed me cell phone videos of a leucistic hummingbird feeding at their place at the same time.
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