Date: 9/18/18 12:05 pm
From: James O'Brien <jphillipobrien...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Allenhurst/Asbury Park
For the past few weeks a very large juvenile female peregrine has been making a circuit from Asbury Tower to the AH water tower. You can tell it's a newly fledged bird by several factors: 1) all cinnamon coloring 2) bird cant sit still for more than 30 seconds 3) large flight feathers and 4) clumsy attempts at hunting although she managed to swat an adult pigeon to the ground, killing it. I cant say for sure if there was a nest on Asbury Tower but all signs point to it.

In addition I had a young cooper's hawk begging an adult today at the AH trainstation.

3 Common Ravens flew to the AH watertower and were doing that distinctive fly straightup, turn over on back and dive down while cawing. Not sure why, could have been a warning to the peregrine.

Adult Osprey continues on AH radio tower but sad news, a baby osprey was hit on sunset bridge and killed last week.

All in all a great summer and I'll be sad when the Ospreys leave as I have become quite used to their high piercing whistles each morning.

Great birding,
Asbury Park

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