Date: 9/17/18 2:03 pm
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Subject: [MDBirding] Birders can assist this project

Hi Everyone,

While this is not directly bird related, many birders may be very interested in this effort, which matches well with birding. Participation helps scientists quantify land cover and land cover change, which is important to the species we love to observe. Here's a snippet of information as well as a link to learn more:

"Starting this month, you can be part of a project to create more detailed satellite-based global maps of land cover by sharing photos of the world around you in a new NASA citizen science project.

The project is a part of GLOBE Observer, a citizen science program that lets you contribute meaningful data to NASA and the science community. The GLOBE Observer app, introduced in 2016, includes a new “Land Cover: Adopt a Pixel” module that enables citizen scientists to photograph with their smartphones the landscape, identify the kinds of land cover they see (trees, grass, etc.), and then match their observations to satellite data. Users can also share their knowledge of the land and how it has changed.
“Adopt a Pixel” is designed to fill in details of the landscape that are too small for global land-mapping satellites to see."


Joanne Howl, DVM
West River, MD

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