Date: 9/17/18 10:26 am
From: Jack and Pam <00000064a46c579c-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Two sentences please from Arkansas Birders
I know you all get way too many email appeals, but I'm not asking for money.  Can you spare a few minutes to tell the new Superintendent of the Buffalo National River that you are a birder who cares about the park?  I need to hear from you by tonight.
Alyssa DeRubeis and Joanie Patterson have written wonderful paragraphs about the importance of the Buffalo National River for birds and our community.  These two voices will form the basis of the document I plan to hand to Superintendent Foust tomorrow.  What I need is an attachment listing one or two sentences of support, from each of you.    A simple welcome and I value the Buffalo would do it.  More isn't necessary.
I know from serving on the board of the Buffalo National River partners for 10 years that pressures on the park from all sorts of groups can be intense. Some of the activities being promoted could be very destructive to natural habitats.   The squeaky wheel gets the grease.  
O.K. not two sentences.  How about just one?
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