Date: 9/14/18 7:26 am
From: Karen Holliday <ladyhawke1...>
Subject: ASCA Field Trip Tomorrow-Additional Details
The ASCA field trip is tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 15.  See details below.  This is an all-day trip.  From Little Rock, we will head first to the Delta Heritage Trail SP.  We'll take I-40 east to Brinkley, then take Exit 216/Hwy. 49 to go to the park.  We'll make a quick stop at the Louisiana Purchase Historical Monument so people can see what's there. We should arrive at the Delta Heritage SP Visitor Center around 9:00 a.m. for those who want to meet us there.  The Visitor's Center is located directly off Hwy. 49.  We'll meet Park Interpreter Maggie Howard and walk the short trail at the Visitor Center.  We'll then drive 20 minutes south to Old Town Lake and its grand cypress trees and bird the lake area.
Next, we'll head north on Hwy. 1 towards Marianna.  We'll make a quick stop at the Cypress Corner BBQ restaurant to get sandwiches to go.  Or, you can bring your lunch.  We had hoped to stop at the famous Jones BBQ in Marianna, but I spoke with the owner and he said Saturday's are super busy and they will probably be sold out of BBQ by 10:30 a.m.  They close once they have sold out. From Cypress Corner we'll continue north to Marianna, then turn onto Hwy. 44 to get to the Mississippi River SP.  We'll meet Tara Gillanders, Park Interpreter, at the Visitor Center.  Tara recommends eating our lunch at the picnic tables at the Bear Creek Nature Trail.  We'll then walk the trail.
This will be fun and busy day with the chance to bird a part of the state that not many of us get to.  The weather looks great, sunny and just a little warm.  Fall warblers are on the move!  Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, snacks, and also lunch if you don't want BBQ.  We should get back to Little Rock by 5:00 p.m.  Please feel free to contact me off-list if you have any questions.Karen HollidayASCA Field Trip CoordinatorLittle Rock September 15DeltaHeritage Trail State Park and Mississippi River State Park Meet at 7:00 the Prothro Junction commuter lot, I-40 East, Exit 157, southeast side ofthe interstate.  Drive time from Little Rock to the Delta Heritage Trail SP is 1 hour38 minutes.  The Delta Heritage Trail is a rail-to-trailconversion that was acquired by Arkansas State Parks in 1993. Fourteen milesnear Helena have been completed in some of the most remote and scenic areasremaining in eastern Arkansas's Mississippi Delta.  This historic rail trail is easywalking and goes through multiple habitats. We’ll then travelto the Mississippi River SP.  Drive time between the two parks is 25minutes.  The Mississippi River SP is operated by the Arkansas State Parkswithin the St. Francis National Forest.  It has a Visitors Center withexhibits.  It is the newest member of the Arkansas State ParksSystem.  Bear Creek Lake Natural trail is a one-mile loop thatprovides access to the unique flora and fauna of Crowley’s Ridge. This easywalking trail winds through groves of large native trees, many which areidentified and is a great way to explore the forest.  Drive time from thePark back to Little Rock is 1 hour 35 minutes. Directions:Delta HeritageTrail SP is located at 5539 Hwy. 49, Helena-West Helena.  Phone870-572-2352. For more information go to <deltaheritagetrail...> RiverSP is located at 2955 Hwy. 44, Marianna.  Phone 870-295-4040.  Formore information go to    
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