Date: 9/13/18 6:31 am
From: <birderick...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Yard migration
Not much to be seen in the trees or yard this morning, given the breezy conditions and clouds moving E>W, but I did have two different adult RED-HEADED WOODPECKERS fly over, basically from N>S, and perhaps another or one of the same that I didn't get a good view of. As I sat on my "hawk bench" which faces NE with a clear view of the sky, doing my tally, a MERLIN came streaking out from just above the tree-line, then shot across right over me and continued south, like it was shot out of a cannon. By the overall darkness below, it was likely a juvenile, and Yard bird No.104 for the year! Last years also came in early September. Also, while sitting there I heard several distinct low deep croaks of a COMMON RAVEN from somewhere to the east. It was setting out to be a good yard day, but I have to leave shortly...

Yesterday I had a pretty male American Redstart and a Tennessee Warbler, but otherwise quiet.

Rick Sussman

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