Date: 9/11/18 4:46 pm
From: Tim Spahr <tspahr44...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Connecticut Warbler, Westborough WMA
Hi Birders,

Today was the first day I've been able to poke around Westborough WMA's
ragweed fields for Connecticut Warblers, and I managed to kick up one bird
in the infamous 'stone pile' field. Historically this field has produced
these birds "reliably", and also hosted the Harris's Sparrow a few years

As a refresher, please note the Connecticut Warblers seem to like pumpkin
and squash fields overgrown with ragweed. They often work the edges of
said fields, and can be located as they flush (almost underfoot at times!)
and perch in the edges, particularly in sumac. The link below shows a
Google Earth photo with the three best ragweed fields labled. Please also
note that the birds use cornfield edges as well. I've yet to make it over
to the entrance along route 135 (it is listed as Wayne F. Maccallum WMA
over there), but this side also can host the birds in numbers.

eBird checklist with photos from today's trip:

Good luck should anyone go searching! I expect to be here pretty
frequently over the next few weeks.

good birding

Tim Spahr

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