Date: 9/11/18 4:08 pm
From: Benny Albro <bennyalbro...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Forest Beach, Chatham variety
There have been lots of good birds at Forest beach near the Chatham-Harwich line the last week. On the 5th there were loads of terns including a couple of black terns feeding, and a Parasitic jaeger harassing them. On the 8th there were at least 40 snowy egrets in the marsh, but the tern activity was way down. On the 9th the terns were back in force, with several Forster’s and Roseates. Also spotted were 2 Glossy Ibis and a Golden Plover. There was one Golden plover at this site last year with the Marbled Godwits, but that wasn’t reported until October. Today there was one Marbled Godwit in the fog, but no Golden plover during my quick walk. All week there have been Willets galore, including western ones. The Snowy and Great egrets were present today, but not a single tern.
The Ebirder of the month contest for September is to try to bird the same site 15 times. I chose Forest beach because it’s close to my home. It has been a great choice for me, with limited time to bird. There has been something interesting every time I’ve been.
A lot of times the best birding is all the way at the east end of the beach, and around the corner where the inlet comes in, passing the rocks and tidal flats and opening up into the marsh. Look out for poison ivy on the marsh side of the loop. The whole loop can be done in under 40 minutes, plus birding time.
Good birding,
Benny Albro

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