Date: 9/11/18 2:34 pm
From: David Young via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] Lake Fairfax - Red-breasted Nuthatches
Things were extremely quiet at the first couple spots I
I scanned at Lake Fairfax, so I went up to see if any RBNU's
were up in the Virginia Pines at the Skatepark/camping areas.
Found at least three working the pine cones along with a few
White-breasted.Then a nice little pocket of locals and migrants
started coming in as well. Migrants included Black and White
Warbler, ~ 5 Pine Warblers (probably nested here) adult and
1st year, 1 Chestnut-sided. Then the Blue Jays started up a racket
and sure enough a Coopers Hawk was on the hunt and quickly
shut that party down early.
I think these are the first Red-breasted Nuthatches I've had at this
reliable location in at least 2 seasons. Also appears to be a
bumper crop of Eastern Bluebirds this season, they were all over.
Full list on E-bird.

David Young
Reston, Virginia

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