Date: 9/8/18 2:53 pm
From: Donald Sweig via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] Broad-winged Hawk Migration Peak is Coming.

> Over the next ten days, or so, the big wave of migrating Broad-winged hawks will pass through the mid-Atlantic states. Broad-wings often migrate in very large numbers and large groups. At the right time with the right weather it is possible to see lots of them almost anywhere. Sept. 18-19th are often the big days locally. Try looking at the sky, especially clouds, and preferably with binoculars anytime you can. If you see a bunch of birds swirling around together in a cloud, or in the clear sky, you probably have a kettle of Broad-wings. I have seen very large concentrations of Broad-wings even over congested Northern Virginia.

> If it gets windy one can try going to the hawk watches. Snickers Gap in No. Va. is often good for Broad-wings, especially on N.E.winds; and Rockfish Gap on I-64 west of Charlottesville is an excellent hawk watch with folks to help you find the birds. There are also excellent hawk watches within an easy drive in Maryland (Washington Monument Park), and in Pennsylvania ( Waggoner's Gap and others) . Seeing 50, or 100, or even 500, Broad-wings at the same time in a cloud is a memorable experience.
> Donald Sweig
> Falls Church, Va.
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