Date: 9/6/18 7:57 pm
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Subject: [NBB] Details on the Veery from 09/05/2018 Bodega Bay
With all the amazing action yesterday at Campbell Cove I wanted to add some detail on why I think the thrush I saw was indeed a Veery. I saw the bird at the first willows right on the beach at Campbell Cove ( SE side.) at 9;10 am. Weather high overcast . The first bird I saw was a beautiful Ovenbird which was obvious and will not describe here. Just I was enjoying the Ovenbird , two thrushes flew up from the ground to a willow to the right of the Ovenbird. I immediately IDed one as a Swainson's Thrush - (Dark upper parts olive- rusty brown and tail ., buffy face , bold buffy eyering, buffy flanks and chest fairly heavy spotting at chest and trailing down almost to flanks). Now the other bird caught my eye right away as it was different than the first bird. This bird was rust red mocha on the back and head, and tail with gray around the face.. The eye ring was very small or absent- giving the thrush kind of a blank stare effect. The chest was Lightly spotted and only in the upper chest. Spots buffy. Lower chest was grayish / off white.and lacked any spotting . Bill same as Swinson's in length and structure.. I would say that to my eyes the second bird was more compact and more round-headed than the Swainson's thrush.

I observed the Ovenbird and the two thrushes for a mere 2 minutes before all three took off west through the willows closer to where the Golden-winged Warbler was found hours later. I looked for the the thrushes and the Ovenbird from both sides of the willow patch but never saw them again, nor as far I know were any of those birds seen later in the day by others. I attemped taking photographs after I satisfying looks at all three birds, but they took off quickly.
I have seen Veery in the past back east inn Wisconsin so I familiar with species .I am a very aware of the rarity of Veery in the state (10 records I believe), but as I cannot seem to turn this bird into any other thrush as the ID points point towards Veery I am sticking with that species.


Scott Carey,
Sebastopol, Ca
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