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Subject: [MOB-Montana] Warm Spring WMA Survey - 09.05.18

Warm Springs WMA Report – September 5, 2018

This is the twenty-fifth survey for the 2018 season. Temperatures ranged from 64 F to 80 F with clear skies and calm winds.

Total species for the year remains at 137 with no new species today. Total individuals counted today were 23,061in 38 species. Last count there were 10,141 in 50 species. There were 15 species of waterfowl. An increase in number of individuals and decrease in species diversity is typical in fall counts.

Shorebirds and waders:

Shorebird species were all but missing this week. There was 2 – Spotted Sandpipers, 1 – Greater Yellowlegs, 4 – Wilson Phalaropes, and 65 – Red-necked Phalaropes. The Red-necked Phalaropes would represent migrants as there was only 16 last week. The typical large mudflat on ARCO Pond 3 at the south end is not expected to develop this year. Ground water is just too high.

Birds of Interest:

• Besides the shorebirds, there were 830 Mallards, 329 Lesser Scaup, and 21,043 American Coots, up from 7,953 last week. Coots are definitely migrating south and made up 92% of all individuals seen. Five Pied-billed Grebes were seen as well as 2 – Common Loons and a single Bonaparte’s Gull. Passerines of interest were; 9 – Yellow-rumped Warblers. Both Savannah and Vesper Sparrows are gathering into flocks for migration.


ARCO Ponds
32 species, and 22,058 individuals. This made up 96 % of the total birds..
Sewage Ponds
14 species, and 186 individuals. This made up <1 % of the total birds..
Job Corps Ponds
6 species, and 243 individuals. This made up 1.5 % of the total birds.
Ducks Unlimited Ponds
10 species, and 574 individuals. This made up 3 % of the total birds.

Gary Swant
Deer Lodge

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