Date: 9/5/18 10:21 pm
From: Dan Nelson <birdsurf64...> [northbaybirds] <northbaybirds-noreply...>
Subject: [NBB] Bodega Bay, 9/5/2018
Hi Birders-Truly an epic day at Bodega Bay, even though at times it seemed to be VERY quiet.Started off the day by re-finding the CLAY-COLORED SPARROW at Campbell Cove during the drizzly morning.On to Owl Canyon, where it was finally warming up, and activity was picking up.Soon I received a call that the previously reported RED-EYED VIREO was refound by Dea Fried atop Bodega Head.So I joined Brook O'Connor and Tony Briggs and was treated to fine views of the vireo, quite low and out in the open!!   We were getting nice photos when Scott Carey showed up to look as well, and announced some other nice birds he just found at Campbell Cove, namely OVENBIRD  ( note: I called out a ""probable" Ovenbird call-note here on Monday 9/3, but failed to see ...)  also AMERICAN REDSTART, plus an unusually-colored thrush Scott saw which could have been a Veery. Tony and Brook headed back to look for those, while Scott and I resumed watching for the vireo. Soon I received a telephone call from Dea in regards to a possible GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER which was "just seen by Brook and Tony" at Campbell Cove. Scott and I were there in like under 2 minutes. Apparently Brook saw it first; and being unfamiliar with the species, described what she saw to Tony, who with little hesitation said "Golden-winged Warbler" based on her description, without actually seeing it.
So it was for close to an hour it seemed, that we all searched in vain but saw nothing.Based on Brook's description, I thought there was a good chance of GWWA presence, but there were some lingering questions  regarding facial/ head details  not seen well or even at all. The bill was actually not seen at all, initially; so I asked if the bird was indeed a warbler -  and apologized, but  needed to be asked. Standard procedure, though apparently.she couldn't see the bird well or long enough to study the bill/facial details.   We were standing inside the "swamp" about 50 yds. from the restroom,  the area where Brook had spotted it. It was a very tense period of time, and we weren't seeing anything. I got impatient and walked "outside" the swamp, and climbed to the very top of the granite "cliff" above the beach.  just above the treetops to have a look around. After about ten minutes, I positively ID'd the bird.  Looking across into the willows, I detected motion and saw the GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER fly in from the beach area just off my shoulder- only a few feet to my left, and descend down and disappear into foliage. Perfect view. That is when I yelled out "YES Golden-winged Warbler- Adult male!!... Perfect adult male!  YES!!" Seeing the bird again proved very difficult, and by 2:30 or so it seemed to be gone.   No one got what I'd call "satisfying" views, but at least 5 or 6 people saw it well enough for conclusive ID.  So far only 2 photos were captured.
Other news: Right in the heat of the moment,- while the warbler was in close, I looked up to see a raptor cruising N over the pond. Looked like a Broad-wing, but I didn't even try to raise my bins to see (!).... Scott was now the one "outside" the swamp. He saw the same bird and snapped its' photo- - BROAD-WINGED HAWK!!An hour later, while searching from the "cliff" again, I spotted another CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER working the willows there.
It was a pretty intense day out there; sorry if I forgot anything..
* Please... ONE more important message** This is a very sensitive area, unable to accomedate a big group in the"swamp". This would lead to sensitive habitat destruction, and will undoubtedly drive the bird away!!!!   Please be respectful of the birds' needs and do not over-crowd the trail through the swamp!!!  This act will drive ALL the birds away!!   DO NOT... (NOT!!!!) USE RECORDINGS HERE.  Thank you for protecting our birds. ~Dan Nelson, Sonoma Co.

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