Date: 9/5/18 11:51 am
From: JimC <wetstuff...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Mother Osprey left last week... best we can guess. The father has hardly been around all summer. We thought there were three chicks — two survived. They did not fly much until a few weeks ago. The father did appear to take them out because the female would hang around the nest alone.

Now the chicks hang around the nest and squawk a lot. I am amaized how vocal they are. (We had a Cirulean Blue that sat on a wire and sang its backside off all day all summer - these are almost as bad.)

I gather the mother will never see them again. (it's funny how we anthropomorphise then and go - "Awaw?")

Anyway, another season - 100% increase in chick production .. no conflict with the bald eagles or other Osprey that roosted last year within about 1/2mi.


12mi W of Salisbury - off the Nanticoke

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