Date: 9/2/18 10:33 am
From: Sue McGrath <newburyportbirders...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] 2018 Purple Martin Nesting Season - Plum Island


We saw a good number of Purple Martins return to Plum Island in late
April & early May.  August's extreme temperatures and
powerful rains did impact the late nesting martins.

Here are the 2018 totals:

Lot #1:  North Rack - 2nd season at this site:

Gourds: 24
Young Fledged: 6    [2017 - 3]

Lot #1:  South Rack:

Gourds: 18
Young Fledged: 49   [2017 - 49]
Nonviable Eggs: 4
Expired Nestlings:  5

North End Site at the Old PRNWR HQ [Plum Island Lighthouse]:

Gourds: 24
Young Fledged:  35    [2017- 56]
Nonviable Eggs:  11
Expired Young:  8

On 76th Street on the Plum Island Basin, the Purple Martins returned &
nested there dispite the absence of that long time landlord.

In Newbury on private property, Purple Martins nested again this year.

Good birding,

Sue McGrath, Newburyport
Lynette Leka, Newbury
Jane Sender, Newburyport
Volunteer Landlords for Plum Island's Purple Martin Colonies

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