Date: 9/1/18 5:28 pm
From: Anthony Hill <anhinga13...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Barn Swallows in Hadley
Hello -

I share Mara Silver's concern about the fate of the nesting Barn
Swallows at the Fort River refuge in Hadley. I also think it's important
to keep in mind that the management of the Conte Refuge is being
assailed by severe budgetary constraints affecting both infrastructure
and staff, due in no small part to the philosophy of the current
administration in Washington, especially the Secretary of the Interior.
In the referenced article (link below) in the Daily Hampshire Gazette
the management of the Refuge has presented five options, one of which
does in fact involve taking down the barn where the Barn Swallows have
been nesting. Demolition of the building is not the only option listed,
and the comment period should be seen as a way for concerned citizens
such as this community to voice our opinions on each proposal on the list.

Thank you.

Anthony Hill
S. Hadley, MA

Anthony Hill
Certified Trainer, Passerines and Hummingbirds
Co-Chair, Certification Committee
North American Banding Council (
Coordinator, Appledore Island Migration Station

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