Date: 9/1/18 9:58 am
From: bob augustine <augustinebob8...>
Subject: [MDBirding] Range Extensions--Clarification
The range extensions I cited were of breeding ranges. Other species have been showing up here more frequently without any evident breeding nearby. Black-bellied Whistling Ducks and Brown Boobies have become a feature of summer for the last several years.

Other southern birds that have been appearing more include:
Reddish Egret
Mottled Duck
Neotropic Cormorant

There have also been some southward range extensions, notably Sandhill Crane, Merlin, and Common Merganser.

Little Egrets, which breed in Barbados, have turned up in New England and the Canadian Maritime Provinces, suggesting a direct flight from the Caribbean (as there are no recent records S of NY) (I suspect NF's first White-winged Tern, reported 1 Sept. 2015, flew directly to Guadeloupe where one was reported 8 days later. Such a trip could be made in 8 days at 15 mph at 24h/day or 31 mph at 12h/day.) Why Caribbean birds would go N so far is a good question.

A small correction: The fledging of Mississippi Kites in NH was not early like our birds.

New Market: branching Aug. 19

Durham: branching Aug. 10

Stratham: branching Aug. 12

Bob Augustine
1 Sept. 2018

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